The Material of the Future
FRP (Fiber glass Reinforced Plastic) is produced from a combination of fiber glass reinforcements and thermosetting resins. Since its introduction,
this special millennium product has gained wide acceptance for its superior benefits and is presently used all over the world.

PULTRUSION is a process whereby glass fiber (Roving) is continuously pulled through a liquid resin bath until it reaches a heated die at the exit of
the line. Here, the resin solidifies into the different profiles according to the various moulds. (Refer to diagram on page 2)

This continuous process gives added resistance to the tension, compression and flexibility of its products. It also provides higher strength resulting
in a reinforced structure system that is capable of taking high loads. (For details, please refer to the safe working load graph).

Benefits of Pultrusion FRP Products
Corrosion Resistant
No rusting, peeling or flaking even under the most aggressive conditions in any part of the world.

Lightweight and Durable
Allows easy handling and cutting.
Reduces size of platform structure.

Cost Effective
Extremely long life compared to metal and other plastic materials.
Completely maintenance free.

High Strength and Stiffness
High glass content and continuous reinforcement, pultruded FRP products give extremely high strength and stiffness compared to modeled FRP and
other engineering plastic.

High Impact Resistant & Elastic
Returns to original position without any permanent deflection or distortion within recommended allowable loads.

Superior UV Protection
Our products UV protection system give long term shield against the damaging effects of UV rays.

Non-Conductive & Non-Interfering
Complies with international electrical safety specifications.
Allows transmission of radio waves.

Low Thermal Conductivity & Expansion Rate
Will not transfer heat unlike metal.
No problem of expansion under heat.

Fire Retardant
Complies with ASTM E84 and BS 476 standards.

FRP Pultrusion Process

Standards and Certification
INTECH’s dedication towards excellent quality is reflected in all its FRP products that have been tested to comply with major international standards such as the ASTM, BS, NEMA and UL. The company’s focus has always been to provide products and services that not only meet customers’ requirements but also exceed their expectations, both locally and around the world
• Lloyds

LM Series- Straight Run
LM Series-cover
LM Series-Horizontal Bend
LM Series-Inside Vertical Bend
LM Series-Outside Vertical Bend
LM Series-Horizontal Tee
LM Series- Horizontal Cross
LM Series-Left/Right Hand Reducer
LM Series-Straight Reducer
LM Series-Splice Plate
LM Series-Cover Clamp-SS316 (CC-SS)
LM Series-Hold Down Clamp(HDC)
LM Series-Blind End Plate(BEP)
LM Series-Vertical Fixing Clamp(VFC)
LH Series-Straight Run
LH Series-cover
LH Series-Horizontal Bend
LH Series-Inside Vertical Bend
LH Series-Outside Vertical Bend
LH Series-Horizontal Tee
LH Series- Horizontal Cross
LH Series-Left/Right Hand Reducer
LH Series-Straight Reducer
LH Series-Splice Plate
LH Series-Cover Clamp-SS316(CC-SS)
LH Series-Blind End Plate(BEP)
LH Series-Hold Down Clamp(HDC)
LH Series-Vertical Fixing Clamp(VFC)
Cable Tray Pultruded Type 'U' Shape
Cable Tray Pultruded Type(Heavy Duty)'U'Shape
Cable Tray-C Series & U Series-Cover
Cable Tray- Horizontal Bend
Cable Tray-Inside Vertical Bend
Cable Tray-Outside Vertical Bend
Cable Tray-Horizontal Equal Tee
Cable Tray-Horizontal Unequal Tee
Cable Tray-Straight Reducer
Cable Tray-Left/Right Hand Reducer
Cable Tray-Horizontal Equal Cross
Cable Tray -Splice Plate